Miniload SILO

The automated SILO warehouse, which consists of two storage racks and a robot moving in a central aisle, ensures: short access time, optimal space management, high efficiency of internal transport and optimal access to products with small and large volumes.

The Silo stacker stacker crane enables fast, flexible and reliable storage of all types of products or cartons.

- optimization of storage space

- product protection

- simplification of inventory management thanks to WMS G-STOCK software

- performance increase

Technical Specification

A multidirectional platform

The manual controls of the robot, located on the door of the electrical cabinet, allow you to check the presence of supply voltage (24 V control) and the presence or absence of an error on board.

Laser measurement

Motion management using laser measurements ensures complete control of the robot's position (1/10 mm). Thanks to laser measurements, the PLC and drives always know the position of the robot. (Even when starting off). This information is used to move the robot, to locate cells. The advantage of these measuring systems over encoders is the removal of all mechanical parts (floor strips, tensioners, etc.) and simplification of maintenance


The power and PLC network are sent to the robot by current recipients. These slides in copper rail rails attached to the upper rails of the installation. This system avoids power strings at the back of the robot, allowing high speeds and acceleration. There are six electrical outlets, one to the ground. This device is doubled for excellent resistance to micro-cuts. It is also safety for people involved in the machine.

High quality epoxy resin

Particular attention was paid to the finish and aesthetics of the crane tower. The access recess is available in expoxy or stainless steel version, the finishing panels are in epoxy structure and available in a wide range of colors.

Commercial electronics

The entire electrical installation is delivered in an industrial standard. Made from our machine, easy to maintain.

Drawer guides made of PE-HD (high density polyethylene)

The guides, which are located under the drawers, facilitate unloading and eliminate any risk of iron residues inside the SILO stacker stacker.

Keyboard to control

Miniload Silo is equipped with an LCD touch keyboard to control the stocker. The keyboard provides excellent readability and enables drawer recall, parameterization, indicator management and all machine configurations. It is possible to lock the keyboard with an access code, which allows you to secure access to the control crane.

Class 4 security barriers

Like all ELECTROCLASS storage solutions, the SILO mobile crane uses the most efficient safety devices. Class 4 light curtains have been added with mechanical safety to detect overload in the workplace.

Space saving

The mobile solution for drawers and separators ensures maximum optimization of the maximum volume. There is no loss of space when passing the pallet forks. There is no loss of space when passing the pallet forks. There is no loss of space due to the thickness of the shelves. It also has to offer the maximum volume we have chosen to offer a solution with the smallest possible tray. The split plastic container is preferred for sensitive reference materials that must not have iron-iron contact.

Miniload SILO, the fully automated warehouse that provides

The maximum storage capacity for a minimal footprint

• Quick access
• Location management
• Logistic performance
• Security of the products

optimal storage and traceability of your items

The SILO has two front consulting bays and can be equipped with additional consulting bays (on the back of the sides). It can also be equipped with automated accumulation stations. Several configuration exist:

• Left and right workstations
• Side workstations with conveyors
• Accumulation stations (3 trays)
• Side workstations with accumulation
• Central workstations on the left/right, back and on the sides
• Trays automatically placed on the conveyors

Operating Principle

The SILO is the combination of two parallel racking structures and a travelling crane running down a central corridor.

• The trays are remoted (or stored) by the crane's platform, controlled from workstations
• The robots provides the requested tray at the appropriate workstations
• The movement instructions can be manually using the integrated touch screen or automatically by computer equipped with Electroclass software G-Stock
• The SILO manages the locations depending on the volume to be stored.

The 4 steps of a cycle

• The operator specifies a part number or reference directly on a PC or vi bar-code reader
• The crane docs in front of the tray containing or (receive) the relevant part
• The tray is removed and taken to the workstations
• The user confirms on the PC the loading/picking

Compact storage with full use of the available height
Save floor space therefore reducing operating costs
up to 5m3 can stored on each m3

Automated inputs/outputs
Several thousand reference are available at every workstations
Reduce walking distance, and save time, eliminates the errors, User and item security, ergonomics

Modularity and storage volume
easy to expand by adding spans
Tailored solution depending upon the storage needs

Fine-tuned racking
Volumes and packaging formats can be perfectly accommodated

Multiple workstations
2 front workstations + back or lateral workstations
4 operations can work simultaneously


Laser System
The specialty system “laser pointer” Directly on the consultation station, the laser beam focused where the object should be taken.

“No mistake” System

The only good reference is accessible by the operators. All of the other references remain hidden.

Ventilation & Temperature

The Mini-stacker SILO are frequently equipped with ventilation system (V.M.C.), maintaining constant temperature and humidity, central cold storage and the good conservation of sensitive products: electronic components, parts with high added value.

The supply chain integration

The SILO can be equipped with special arrangements allowing the extraction of references by robot.

Double floor access

It is common to classify in the basement and go to the first level. The SILO is the ideal system to serve several floors.

G- Stock for stores management is offered by Electroclass software team.

• Stock and locations, Items, Item descriptions, containers types, packaging units, weights, valuation of inventory and of transactions, flow management and optimisation, turnover analysis, management of dynamic storage machines by most manufacturers and management of static shelving or pallet racking.
• Options for batch number management, expiry dates, serial numbers.
• Can be configured for Radio (WIFI) terminal data input.
• Audit trail for all movements, statistics and queries available.
• Password protected user authorisation level management.

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