Mobile Pallet Racking

The mobile racking is a solution that redouble your storage capacity using the same footprint of static solution.

CARGO is the idea solution for storage bulky and/or heavy materials. Designed for industry and for those activities that need to store products in the easiest inexpensive and simple way.

Technical Details


Safety barriers

Safety is not an optional and CARGO systems are well equipped with all the safety devices required by the customer. Safety barriers with adequate protections ensure perfect use for the operator. When the system detects an intruder, it automatically stops the movement of the bases.

B inari

So indispensable ...

The industrial compact CARGO, especially its bases, move on aluminum rails embedded in the floor. For loads of less than 4 tons, there are 3 types of tracks: above the floor, recessed in the floor and cover the floor with compensation panel and slides.


Something more to the structure

To ensure greater stability to the structure, special stiffening crosses were mounted on the bases. Greater stability means more storage capacity available.


Fully automatic with PLC panel

The automatic handling system is simple and intuitive and allows you to store materials in total safety. Thanks to the PLC panels positioned on each mobile base, they can be controlled individually and independently. Simple and intuitive icons have been used to show emergencies, problems, the movements of the individual carts and a personalized access for the user.

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With CARGO you can double your storage space: with a minimum footprint of the surface you have a double storage and storage capacity. One solution, many options: there are various types of industrial compactable to meet every need.


Moving the Cargo modules is easy and intuitive. The automatic movement allows the modules to be moved safely. Adequate accessories prevent accidental fall and movement of the material on the shelf. CARGO is easily adaptable to any need for space and storage.


Cargo is designed and built according to the materials and weights it will have to support. The tracks are embedded in the existing floor. The modules are equipped with end-of-stroke anti-overturning devices and photoelectric safety barriers. To facilitate access to the pick-up / deposit corridor, a platform can be inserted between the tracks.

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