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The TOWER Storage lift is the ideal automated storage solution for heavy or awkward shaped products. The TOWER is equipped with an electronic keyboard containing all main functions, Configuration, Tray movements, Technical support. Using the machine protocol and interface software, the TOWER can also be managed by various software package The TOWER Storage lift is the ideal automated storage solution for heavy or awkward shaped products. The TOWER is based on 2 columns of heavy duty pallet racking and internal elevator. The elevator travels vertically between the two storage volumes. The TOWER can be controlled simply from onboard keypad or via a range of in house integrated stock management software solutions.

Technical advantages

Toothed clutch
The Jumper tower is equipped with a double toothed clutch that allows the work basket to be moved. No problem with loosening, as in the case of technologies based on chains, ropes or belts, which is associated with considerable additional costs and operational losses due to unavailability of the machine during periodic maintenance and replacement of parts. This technology also prevents any accidental cracks that may occur in other drive systems (chains, belts, ropes, etc.). This type of clutch also protects against shelf instability.

Double drive of working basket
The basket is equipped with a double drive for a payload of 500 kg or a single drive for 300 kg; in both versions it is based on a toothed clutch. The dual drive allows the basket to move up and down at variable speeds thanks to inverters. Drawers are also pulled out using two other motors equipped with inverters. So there are no jerks in the drawers, so the stored items are protected. Drives ensure the shortest cycle time.

Tower construction
The structure consists of columns that take over shelves with shelves and can carry a total weight of 60 tons. All elements of this construction are painted with oven-baked epoxy paint, which ensures excellent durability and a high-class finish.

Drawers with welded mechanical construction
Drawers ensure perfect rigidity thanks to reinforced 110 cm long crossbars - this eliminates the problem of bending drawers. They were designed for a payload of 500 kg, distributed unevenly. There is therefore no need to distribute the load in the drawers.

Drawer guides made of PE-HD (high density polyethylene)
The guides, which are located under the drawers, facilitate unloading and eliminate any risk of iron residues inside the tower.

High quality epoxy resin
Particular attention was paid to the finish and aesthetics of the crane tower. The access recess is available stainless-steel version, the finishing panels are in epoxy structure and available in a wide range of colors.

Electrical installation
The entire electrical installation is delivered in an industrial standard. Motors, inverters and electronic cards - all these components have a simple structure and are industry products (ease of maintenance and operation). Automation is a VIPA programming, compatible with Siemens brand devices.

Keyboard to control
The Jumper tower is equipped with an LCD touch keyboard to control the tower. The keyboard provides excellent readability and enables drawer recall, parameterization, indicator management and all machine configurations. It is possible to lock the keyboard with an access code, which allows you to secure access to the tower or some drawers.

Like all Temrex storage solutions, the Jumper vertical tower is equipped with the highest efficiency safeguards. Class 4 light curtains have been supplemented with mechanical protection, which is able to detect overload at the workplace.

Service Access
The entire automatic and electrical part is located under the workstation. The sprocket offers the highest level of safety to service technicians entering the machine.

Modular and Compact
The TOWER's structure is based on standard heavy duty racking and hence is highly configurable. The TOWER offers an excellent ratio of Storage volume to Total volume making the best use of available space.

Power and Speed
Elevation by rack an pinion combined with double motors lead to short cycle times, even in the case of heavy payloads.

Appearance: Functional yet Stylish
With profiles made of aluminium, a choice of RAL colours for paneling and stainless steel for workstation, the TOWER will become an attractive part of your working environment.

Double Motors
The TOWER is equipped with a double motorisation to efficiently extract and elevate the trays (1.)

In this way you benefit from reduced cycle times even with heavy loads or large trays. (width up to 4.3 m).

For elevation: Two motors directly driving the gears offer substantial power, adapted to your speed requirement.
For extraction: Two 0.37 KW motors ensure smooth performance without excessive effort or wear & tear.

Standardisation – Plug & play – User-friendliness

The TOWER uses standard components from leading suppliers for PLC controls, encoders and sensors.

Simple, reliable and made for easy maintenance.

Connections are straightforward, striving for “Plug&Play” simplicity: hence faster installation, easy servicing, and user autonomy.

Tower control software has been developed by Electroclass' automation team.

Highly rigid Trays: Reliability Compactness

TOWER trays have been designed to allow disassembly leading to flexibility and space savings. Parameters of trays are calculated to maximise the rigidity.

Safety systems: Mechanical, Electronic, Design

Mechanical safety on the table

Any overload on the stainless-steel table of the Tower trips an overriding security of the machine (requires an electrical reset).

Electronic safety device

The tower is also fitted with a set of auto- controlled light barrier cells. This barrier is only active during the extraction of the tray onto the working bay. Interruption outside of this phase does not stop the Tower.

Performance, durability, reliability, and cycle time: keywords driving our technical choices

• The TOWER uses tried and tested, robust, rack and pinion technology for elevation.

• Owing to the strength of its design. it has the capacity to accommodate items up to 4.3M wide with an individual tray payload up to 500 Kg.

The TOWER technology improves reliability and maintainability: no risk of chain stretch, no necessity for regular adjustment required by other technologies. Strong and simple HDPE runners also contribute to Exploits high volumes robustness.

G- STOCK for Stores management is offered by Electroclass software team

• Stock and locations, Items, Item descriptions, containers types, packaging units, weights, valuation of inventory and of transactions, flow management and optimization, turnover analysis, management of dynamic storage machines by most manufacturers and management of static shelving or pallet racking.

• Options for batch number management, expiry dates, serial numbers.
• Can be configured for Radio (WIFI) terminal data input.
• Audit trail for all movements, statistics and queries available.
• Password protected user authorization level management.

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