Industrial Vending Machine Supplier in Dubai 

If you want a more advanced way to keep track of the equipment in your facility, turn to Temrex in Dubai. Our industrial vending machines incorporate advanced technology and industrial design to ensure your equipment is safe and accounted for at all times. 

Why You Need Our Vending Machines

You can stock these vending machines with all the equipment your employees need, and with the swipe of a badge, they gain documented access. This allows you to keep an up-to-date inventory throughout the day. Our machines are also designed for an industrial environment, with a sturdy build and ease of access.


How Our Machines Benefit You

One of the biggest benefits to you as an employer is the reduced spending on supplies, as you can accurately keep track of all your supplies and more easily see which supplies you need more of. You also reduce lost equipment because you know exactly where the supplies are at any given moment.


Industrial vending machines also increase organization and reduce time wasted trying to find the equipment and supplies you need.



Which Machine You Need

We offer a variety of styles to fit your specific need. Our designs include compact styles for smaller spaces and visual designs to aid faster retrieval. All of our machines are 100% secure to keep your equipment protected at all times.


Who We Are

We do everything we can to ensure your facility operates smoothly and has easy equipment access. As an industrial vending machine supplier, we have helped hundreds of clients since our start in 1979. Our advanced technology and industrial designs ensure that you'll be satisfied with the vending machine you choose. We also offer after-sales support to keep your machine in great condition.



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