Double Decker Mobile Shelving

In spaces with remarkable heights, it is possible to extend Mobile shelving advantages to a second storage floor accessible through stairs and walkways attached to the system. The system consists of two levels of mobile shelving handled by a single base.

The use of the second floor is made possible thanks to the presence of the walkway platforms supported by the sides of the shelving. The self-supporting structure of the Double deck allows the use of all the available height, eliminating waste of space or expensive additional lofts.


The double decker system can be used in rooms with at least 5 meters high and 7 meters maximum. It is not necessary to anchor the system to the surrounding walls. The second level consists of galvanized finish grills that do not draw light and air to the existing environment.


It is not necessary to build expensive lofts for the exploitation of space. The double hand wheel allows you to move the mobile base directly from the second level. The handling can be either manual or electronic, without any effort in handling the exceptional load.


The optional integrated lighting system allows for perfect lighting throughout the system. Staircases, parapets and security systems with integrated photocells keep operators safe from accidents. The maximum load of the upper floor is guaranteed by robust profiles and grilles antirust.

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