Gyroclass – The filing machine

The GIROCLASS vertical carousel or filing machine is an automated system that used for the storage and protection of documents / archives, to which the access time is short as possible. The way the GYROCLASS works is relatively simple: rotatable shelves driven by a single or double motor. Frequency inverters allow the shelves to move smoothly and progressively.

Gyroclass, a solution made to adjust to:

• Capacity requirements

• Peculiarities of your premises

• Procedures of work process

• Workplace comfort and ergonomic

• Office designs


Use space efficiently by exploiting all the available overhead space. Up to 60 linear meters of filing can be achieved in a single carousel with minimum footprint.


Machines can be adapted to your office dimensions (Width and height constraints) and for greatest functionality (e.g. workstation machines front and back – through floor …


The ergonomics of Gyroclass is great improvement on conventional filing as it eliminates bending or climbing, also reduces need to walk to access files. The discipline imposed on filing through the adoption of this system also leads to better quality and reliability

The GYROCLASS can be adjusted to fit the color scheme of your office environment.


Wooden tables and overhead lighting are standard as well as lockable access doors, and keyboard in the table. Standard colors are light and medium grey, but a complete range of RAL colors is possible.


Operating Mode


A set of carriers/ shelves in the Gyroclass moves vertically inside the machine on a chain, bringing the requested document to the workstation bay, then directing the user to the right position with a pick to light LEDs.


Tailored to your working procedures and environment



Flexible Fittings to suit your documents and methods:


Hanging or standing files, record, cards, binders.


Ready for implementation of modern filing technique (color coding, final digit, or software driven.)


Time and motion savings thanks to centralized document center


When coupled with our software offerings, even more enhanced effectiveness:


Automatic addressing, location management, borrower traceability etc.


Data center Security by lockable doors, Options for selective access by level and by implementing fire protection system.


Applying Business ACUMEN to the fields of:


Document filing
Productivity, Reliability, Traceability and An Easy, Intuitive Workplace

• File Retrieval


GYROCLASS is equipped with electronic keypad/ touch screen to operate the machine:


Machine Configuration:

 Level and zones defined in the machine, filing method.


Operation: Simple Up and Down - Numerical Call up of a level - interrupts from safety devices displayed in English-Passwords and User Authorizations.


Maintenance: tracking of faults for technical audit purposes, cycle count



GYROCLASS can be coupled with a computerized file management system run by one of our software packages:


G-DOC Various solutions are offered.

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