Mobile shelving  is a high-density storage or stocking system with traditional shelves mounted on moving bases which slide on rails. It is easy to operate, drive a unit just press the button. Every rack has its own transmission equipment link to electro motor and equip with safety device. Temrex is the leading mobile shelving supplier Dubai offering high quality of these storage and stocking systems.


Each module is completed by: front, median and rear panels, vertical rubber profiles and horizontal steel profiles and also closing sliding doors with lock key that enable you to preserve the archieved material from dust and unauthorized access. There are manual push with mechanical drive handwheel or electromechanical handling systems.


The system is constituted by mobile bases (or carts) realized with galvanized steel profiles punched and bended and equipped with wheels with flow rates exceeding 1000 kg each. At the base is assembled the interlocking shelving: galvanized or varnished. The mobile bases slide on steel rails to eliminate any uneven flooring and to better distribute the weight.


The modules don’t have standard dimensions and is possible the realization of tailored compactable archives.(you can choose the length, height and depth of the individual elements: shelves, abutments, and carts). The choice of the most satisfactory version is a function of the size and overall capacity required for the system..

Element technical specifications.

MOBILE BASES. Element technical specifications.

The mobile bases slide on steel rails

These are needful to eliminate any uneven flooring and to better distribute the weight on the floor. A system of four horizontal bearings sliding in a channel parallel to the two extreme rails (two for each channel) ensures a perfect direction of the module during the handling and prevents overturning. The rails may be embedded on the floor or simply placed on, in order to avoid additional masonry. A compensation platform, in wood or metal material, allows to obtain a single decking inside the plant, while a system of inclined chutes facilitating the entrance in the consultation corridor eliminating any risk for the operators. No weight limit: Each mobile base can carry more than 15,000 kgs. The interior elements are designed for the weight provided by the solution.

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