Enhancing Storage Solution

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Automated Storage And Vending Solutions

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Office Filing Solution

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Mobile Racking Cargo 

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Enhancing Storage Solution

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Enhancing Storage Solution

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Enhancing Storage Solution

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Our Mission

Temrex provides an exceptional storage experience. Our mission is to build long term relationships with our clients and be the partner of choice for the better storage facility. By using our experience and knowledge to deliver solution to improve the efficiency and productivity.

Our Vision

Temrex aims to become a leading personal and business of Automated Storage & Vending solution. Our vision is to continuously invest and develop our range of storage options so that we can add value for all our clients. In doing so, we will continue to be the partner of choice and market leader in value creation for the storage industry

We offer our consolidated experience to develop storage and filing solutions that will ensure the best performance and flexibility in the future.



With our well experienced technical team, we care our customer’s requirements with consultations at all stages of the project.


We offer to our customers an high flexibility in customization, for more an efficient management of storage and filing space.


Quality of materials, the cure to choose the best solution and attention to details are our goals to give a made in Italy product.


Our competent team will explore your spaces and after analyzing the condition they will be able to identify the needs and constraints to be observed.


Our R&D team with our design team, identify the best solution in terms of space organization, ergonomics, design result and value for money.


Going through phase by phase of the project to the final implementation, we support you and guarantee a long life of products and the best after sales service.


Warranty and support

All Temrex’s archiving and storage products are covered by 12-month warranty. We offer free customers care for the first two years of operation with an efficient 24/7 technical support and after sales service.

Long Life Service

Our systems are made to work over the years without any major break downs. Periodic maintenance is essential to ensure proper working. We offer tailor-made maintenance contracts which suits our client requirement.

Spare parts

The spare parts needed for our systems are available for at least 15 years. The “multi-brand” experience and the network of partners allows us to assure spare parts supply and after sales service without any delay.

Revamping and updation

We offer renovation on mechanical parts, upgrades on software or security devices. We can upgrade your system while maintaining the existing structure unchanged.

Removal and reformulation

Dismantling, removal, modifying old & existing systems may seems like a difficult task. Our team is able to remove and readapt your system without any damages.

Handling device conversion

Our automation kit allows us to transform existing systems from mechanical handwheel movement to soft-touch push buttons and controlled with smartphones or tablets.

Maintenance Services

Temrex provides a full range of installation, maintenance, training and support services for customers. Our highly trained and experienced service technicians are experts on All temrex equipment. We provide:

 24/7 emergency service
 Scheduled maintenance agreements
 Extended warranty options
 Telephone, remote and on-site technical support
 Operator and maintenance training
 Installation and relocation of equipment
 Inventory relocation and machine loading
 Existing system evaluations


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