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About Us:


We offer a wide range of Industrial Vending Machine options to suit your specific needs. Whatever your needs are, we can customize our products to meet them.

Our goal is to provide tailored solutions to our clients that enhance their workflows and increase overall productivity based on their individual needs.

With our vending machines, you can streamline your inventory management process, reduce costs, and improve inventory tracking accuracy.
Using our solutions, you can rest assured that your products are safe, secure, and easy to access.

Let us help you optimize your storage and filing needs today.

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Vertical Storage Temrex


At Temrex, we believe that storage shouldn't be a hassle. Our comprehensive method of storage solutions ensures that your belongings will be safely stored and easily retrieved whenever you need them. Our friendly team can help you free up some extra space and make the most out of your living area in no time.

Consulting Temrex

With our well experienced technical team, we care our customer’s requirements with consultations at all stages of the project.


Quality of materials, the cure to choose the best solution and attention to details are our goals to give a made in Italy product.


Our R&D team with our design team, identify the best solution in terms of space organization, ergonomics, design result and value for money.


We offer to our customers an high flexibility in customization, for more an efficient management of storage and filing space.


Our competent team will explore your spaces and after analyzing the condition they will be able to identify the needs and constraints to be observed.


Going through phase by phase of the project to the final implementation, we support you and guarantee a long life of products and the best after sales service.


Being the leading Industrial Vending Machine supplier in Dubai, Temrex provides a full range of installation, maintenance, training and support services for customers. Our highly trained and experienced service technicians are experts on All temrex equipment. We provide:

24/7 emergency service
Extended warranty options
Telephone, remote and on-site technical support
Inventory relocation and machine loading
Scheduled maintenance agreements
Operator and maintenance training
Installation and relocation of equipment
Existing system evaluations
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