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Optimization: Increased space and efficiency


Security: Total access management


Simplification: Remote control of operations




Optimization of space and material available

LOCKERBOX allows for optimized storage of the material inside. The special spaces but above all the personalization and the choice of the same, allows to significantly increase the production process. All items are 100% tracked displaying income and expenses, the loan and the return of the same.


Quick consultation of the material inside

The simplicity of object management and the integrated 3G / Wifi router connection allows time savings and a homogeneous distribution of the articles. The availability of the objects is 24h 7/7. It is possible to install recharging stations (USB and 230 V socket) inside for all objects that need to be recharged.


Safety for the material and the operator

No object has ever been so safe. The deposited material is managed in complete safety thanks to the selective access system using an identification badge and password. The management of the objects inside takes place through a single profile called Administrator. The choice of Lockerbox storage decreases material losses.


Technical details


Length: 1030 mm

Depth: 500 mm

Height: 1866 mm



Lockerbox is composed of a sturdy honeycomb structure in 8/10 galvanized steel, protected by an epoxy powder coating. Each column is made up of various customizable compartments. The thick steel doors allow the safe deposit and removal of the material: their controlled opening allows access only to the relevant section. User identification via badge reader is compatible with any existing technology. The Master version is equipped with a 10.4 "Touch screen that allows the choice of the product.

Lockerbox can be used in a stand-alone version or combined with the other elements of the Vending range. It is also available in OEM version, suitable for installing other management software. The plastic containers, the customized graphics and the different combinations of RAL finishes complete the customization.

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