Electrical Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is a high-density storage or stocking system with traditional shelves mounted on moving bases which slide on rails. It is easy to operate, drive a unit just press the button. Every rack has its own transmission equipment link to electro motor and equip with safety device.

Technical Specification

Automated System (Optional)

The Movement of each movable carriage is provided be a device (Kit) , Completely autonomous with respect to the compactible , which is externally secured to the front faceplate panel

With the touch of a button the device allows the opening of the moving parts , enlivening atomically every single element of the system The movement is independent for each module of the planet, so that each element never goes to push the next element or may be buffered.

The movement is marked by three phases

- Acceleration
- Cruise
- Slowdown

These three phases of movement, every effort is light and delicate movement of all types of installations, simulating a manual system use , thus avoiding wear situations shelving itself .

The engine of any mobile base device has irreversible gear motor with power supply of 24DC.The Supply voltage required to move , is supplied to each plug & move with rechargeable accumulators to maximum voltage of 24 Vdc. Therefore , each device is designed so as not to cause risk of electric shock; for this reason , it belongs to class ||| and is classified SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage / Safety Extra Low Voltage ) belongs to the zero power category and meets the CEI 64-8 part 4 relative to the low voltage.

The electrical connection cables , in any situation integrated in the rack , run by a mobile element to another within the appropriate compasses (Optional ) . The opening of the selected corridor, the compass will extend up to maximum required stroke. In this way the power cables are never reached by the operators, even accidentally.

Th movement device, is usable on other mobile trolleys without distinction of brand or type with simple operation of disassembly and reassembly

Optional Features

- The head element of each plant can be provided with a suitable closure lock system as a guarantee of access to authorized personnel only 

-Each system is designed to interface with access control programs and management software compatible wifi

- Each system is designed to interface with sprinkler system

- Each system is designed to interface with external management software via a special device called Manu-test- Manu

- Test is a diagnostic system that can constantly monitor the status of the plug & move mounted in the system . 

It is a remote control module checking the status of batteries and movements 

- It is equipped with a communication module HI-Tech by radio and WIFI which allows the use of software from any type of device with WIFI

Single-click to move/ operate the system.

Electronic Mobile shelving is the ultimate storage solution providing maximum safety, security, and ease of operation. These moving shelves are electrically powered and can be operated by pushing a button or with a remote control device. The Electronic mobile storage systems have many standard and optional safety and security features both to protect the user and the materials stored in the system. 

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