Mbox- Simple Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is a high density storage or stocking system with traditional shelves mounted on moving bases which slide on rails. The withdrawal of the archived material takes place through the opening of only one corridor at a time.

Compared to fixed shelves, Mobile shelving allows to increase storage capacity by more than 80%. Thanks to Mobile shelving it is possible to have the same storage capacity, reducing the occupied area by more than 40%. This area can be differently used.


MBOX is designed in Italy, elegant furnishing element: for your home, shop or office. Completely customizable with wood cladding panels.


Maximum flexibility of space and versatility to hold collectors, wallets, suspended folders, books, boxes, sweaters, shoes, bags, wine bottles...


Easy and fast installation on all types of floor without any permanent latching. The
adjustable rubber feet allow a perfect leveling of track and platform.

Technical Specifications

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